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The Cost of Hiring on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become one of the most popular platforms for professionals seeking employment opportunities, as well as for companies looking to hire qualified candidates. With its vast network of over 700 million users, it has become an essential tool for recruiters and hiring managers. However, this level of access and convenience does come at a cost. In this article, we will explore the various costs associated with hiring on LinkedIn and how it can impact your recruitment budget.

LinkedIn Recruiter Subscription

One of the primary tools that LinkedIn offers for recruiters is the LinkedIn Recruiter subscription. This subscription provides access to advanced search filters, unlimited profile views, and the ability to directly message potential candidates. The cost of the LinkedIn Recruiter subscription can vary depending on the size of your organization and the specific features you require.

For small businesses, the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite subscription starts at around $119.99 per month per seat, while the full LinkedIn Recruiter subscription can cost upwards of $8,000 per seat annually for larger organizations. It is important to carefully assess your hiring needs and budget before investing in a LinkedIn Recruiter subscription.

Job Postings on LinkedIn

In addition to the recruiter subscription, LinkedIn also offers the option to post job openings directly on the platform. The cost of job postings on LinkedIn can vary based on factors such as the duration of the posting, the geographic location, and the specific industry.

On average, the cost of a single job posting on LinkedIn starts at around $495 for a 30-day listing. However, LinkedIn does offer discounted pricing for purchasing multiple job postings at once. This can be a cost-effective option for companies looking to fill multiple positions simultaneously.

Sponsored Content and Advertising

Another way to attract potential candidates on LinkedIn is through sponsored content and advertising. This can include promoting your company’s page, sharing relevant industry insights, or directly promoting specific job openings. The cost of sponsored content and advertising on LinkedIn can vary widely based on your specific targeting criteria, the duration of the campaign, and the overall reach and engagement you are aiming for.

LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising options, including sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and display ads. The cost of these advertising options is typically based on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model, with prices starting at around $2.00 per click or $10.00 per 1,000 impressions.


In conclusion, hiring on LinkedIn can be a valuable and effective tool for companies looking to attract top talent. However, it is important to carefully consider the costs associated with hiring on LinkedIn and how it fits into your overall recruitment budget. From the cost of the LinkedIn Recruiter subscription to job postings and advertising, there are a variety of expenses to account for. By carefully assessing your hiring needs and budget, you can make informed decisions about how to best utilize LinkedIn as a recruiting platform. With its extensive network and powerful tools, LinkedIn can be a worthwhile investment for companies looking to streamline their hiring process and connect with qualified candidates.