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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Truck Driver for a Home Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and stressful experience. One of the biggest decisions to make when planning a move is how to transport your belongings from your current residence to your new one. While some people prefer to rent a moving truck and do the driving themselves, others choose to hire a professional truck driver to handle the transportation. If you’re considering the latter option, you may be wondering how much it costs to hire a truck driver for a home move.

Factors that Affect the Cost

The cost of hiring a truck driver for a home move can vary depending on several factors. The distance of the move is one of the most significant factors affecting the cost. Generally, the farther the distance, the higher the cost. The size and weight of your belongings also play a role in determining the cost, as larger and heavier items may require a larger truck or multiple trips. Additionally, the day and time of the move can impact the cost, with weekends and holidays often being more expensive.

Average Cost

On average, hiring a truck driver for a home move can cost anywhere from $70 to $100 per hour. This rate typically includes the cost of the driver, the truck, and fuel. Some companies may also charge additional fees for labor or equipment rental. It’s important to note that these rates are for local moves and may increase for long-distance moves.

Additional Costs

In addition to the hourly rate, there are other factors to consider that may add to the overall cost of hiring a truck driver for a home move. For example, if you require assistance with loading and unloading your belongings, you may incur additional fees for labor. If you need to transport special items such as a piano or artwork, you may also face extra charges. It’s essential to inquire about any potential additional costs before hiring a truck driver to avoid any surprises on moving day.

How to Save Money

While hiring a truck driver for a home move can be costly, there are several ways to potentially save money. One option is to shop around and obtain quotes from multiple moving companies to compare prices. Some companies may offer discounted rates or promotions for booking during off-peak times. Another way to save money is to declutter and downsize your belongings before the move, as fewer items will require less space and may result in lower costs.


Hiring a truck driver for a home move can be a convenient and efficient option for transporting your belongings to your new residence. The cost of hiring a truck driver can vary depending on factors such as distance, size and weight of items, and additional services required. By understanding the average costs and potential additional fees, you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly for your home move. Be sure to explore your options, compare quotes, and inquire about potential discounts to potentially save money on your moving expenses. With thorough research and planning, you can make the best choice for your home move while staying within your budget.