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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Composer for a Trailer

If you’re in the process of creating a trailer for a film, TV show, video game, or any other type of promotional material, then you understand the importance of choosing the right music to accompany your visuals. Music can evoke emotion, set the tone, and enhance the overall impact of your trailer. One way to ensure that you have the perfect music for your trailer is by hiring a composer. But how much does it actually cost to hire a composer for a trailer? In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the cost of hiring a composer and provide you with an estimate to help you budget for your next project.

Factors that Influence the Cost

Several factors can influence how much it will cost to hire a composer for your trailer. The composer’s level of experience and expertise can have a significant impact on the cost. A more established and renowned composer may command a higher fee compared to a lesser-known or emerging composer.

The length of the trailer and the complexity of the music also play a role in determining the cost. A longer trailer or one that requires intricate, custom-made music may come with a higher price tag. Additionally, if you require the composer to create multiple drafts or revisions of the music, this may also increase the overall cost.

Another factor to consider is the type of rights you require for the music. If you want exclusive rights to the music, meaning that the composer will not be able to license it to anyone else, this will likely increase the cost. On the other hand, non-exclusive rights may come with a lower price tag.

Finally, the composer’s own pricing structure and business practices will influence the cost. Some composers may charge a flat fee for their services, while others may have a more complex fee structure that takes into account factors such as the project’s budget, the composer’s own expenses, and the potential for royalties or residuals.

Cost Estimates

While the cost of hiring a composer for a trailer can vary widely, it is possible to provide some general estimates to give you an idea of what to expect. For a relatively simple trailer with a shorter runtime, hiring a less experienced or emerging composer may cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000. If you’re looking to work with a more established composer or want a longer, more complex piece of music, the cost could range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more.

If you require exclusive rights to the music or need the composer to create multiple drafts and revisions, you should be prepared to budget for higher costs. In these cases, the cost could potentially exceed $10,000, especially if you are working with a highly sought-after composer.


Hiring a composer for your trailer can be a significant investment, but it is one that can greatly enhance the overall impact and quality of your promotional material. By understanding the factors that influence the cost, you can better budget for this expense and make informed decisions when selecting a composer for your project.

Ultimately, the cost of hiring a composer for a trailer will depend on your specific needs, the composer’s level of experience, and the rights you require for the music. It’s important to carefully consider these factors and to communicate openly with potential composers to ensure that the cost aligns with your budget and expectations. With the right composer and music, your trailer will have the potential to captivate and engage your audience, making the investment well worth it in the end.