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The Cost of Hiring a Christmas Tree

As the holiday season approaches, many people begin to think about decorating their homes for Christmas. For some, this means bringing home a real Christmas tree to adorn their living room and fill their home with the festive scent of pine. In recent years, a new trend has emerged – instead of purchasing a tree each year, some people are opting to rent a Christmas tree. But just how much does it cost to hire a Christmas tree?

Factors Affecting the Cost

When it comes to the cost of hiring a Christmas tree, there are a few factors that can affect the overall price. The size and type of tree, the duration of the rental, and the location where the tree will be delivered are all important considerations. Additionally, some rental companies may offer additional services, such as decorating the tree or providing delivery and pick-up, which can impact the final cost.

On average, the cost of hiring a Christmas tree can range from $50 to $200, depending on these various factors. Smaller trees and shorter rental periods will generally be on the lower end of the price spectrum, while larger trees and longer rentals will naturally cost more.

Size and Type of Tree

The size and type of tree you choose will have a significant impact on the cost of hiring a Christmas tree. A small, table-top tree will be less expensive to rent than a full-sized, 7-foot tree. Similarly, certain types of trees, such as noble firs or Fraser firs, may be more expensive to rent due to their popularity and availability.

When considering the size and type of tree to rent, it’s important to factor in the space you have available in your home, as well as your budget. While a larger tree may be more expensive, it can also make a bigger impact in your holiday decor, so it’s important to find the right balance for your needs.

Rental Duration

Another important factor in the cost of hiring a Christmas tree is the duration of the rental. Some companies offer short-term rentals, such as one week or two weeks, while others may offer longer rental periods, such as a month or more. The longer the rental period, the higher the cost is likely to be.

When deciding on the rental duration, it’s important to consider when you typically put up and take down your Christmas tree. If you only need a tree for a week or two, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a shorter rental period. However, if you like to decorate early and keep your tree up for an extended period, a longer rental may be the better option.

Additional Services

Some rental companies may offer additional services that can impact the cost of hiring a Christmas tree. For example, some companies may include delivery and pick-up in the rental price, while others may charge extra for these services. Additionally, some companies may offer tree decorating services, which can also affect the overall cost.

When considering a rental company, it’s important to inquire about any additional services they offer and how these services are priced. While additional services can add to the overall cost, they can also make the rental process more convenient and enjoyable.


Overall, the cost of hiring a Christmas tree can vary widely depending on factors such as the size and type of tree, the rental duration, and any additional services offered by the rental company. While it may be more expensive than purchasing a tree outright, renting a Christmas tree can offer a convenient and sustainable alternative for those who want to enjoy a real tree without the commitment of buying one each year. By considering these factors and weighing the costs against the benefits, you can make an informed decision about whether hiring a Christmas tree is the right choice for you this holiday season.